bullet-icon-img Question/answer and feedback.

1. Can I make order on your website and get my order delivered oversea??

Because of customs and limited delivery, exported order cannot be made on Anh Phuoc’s website. Exported order includes products that are shipped to another country or area near Vietnam. Pleasse fax us your order to (848) 39 41 34 68 to have more information. Or you can send us an email of your order.

2. How do I know that my order has been distributed?

Unfortunately, Anh Phuoc cannot provide the exact delivery time to customer. Customers who have exact delivery date will receive the order in period from 8 am to 5 pm, local time. Those urgent and high-quantity orders will be delivered in 4 hours.

3. I would like to be Anh Phuoc’s distributor in Tay Ninh, can you please clarify the requirements?

Thank you for believe in our products and services. You can absolutely be our distributor, to know more about our requirements, please contact our sale consultants. Thank you.

4. What is your return policy for special producs?

We ask customers to carefully make their choice. Anh Phuoc ensure that if customer don’t satisfy with quality or condition of order, it can be returned or changed to fulfill the order.

5. I would like to purchase paper for office usage with high quantity, please show me a good price policy?

Hi mate,We offer all kinds of office paper, for printing and photocopying. Please contact us by hotline number on website to be consulted and provided good prive.Sincerely thank you.